End-of-Life Services for Pets and Loss Counseling 

End-of-Life Services for Pets and Loss Counseling 

The end of your pet’s life is the most challenging part of having a furry family member, but it is an unavoidable part of enjoying years of special memories with your pet. Here are some of the most important things to know about what to expect during the last days of your pet’s life and how our end-of-life veterinary services can make things a bit easier during one of the most difficult experiences as a pet parent. 

What Is End-of-Life Counseling for Pet Owners? 

Making decisions about your pet’s health can be challenging, especially as you near the end of their life. We want you to be as informed about your options as possible and never feel rushed or pushed into anything, so we prioritize discussing what the upcoming days or weeks might look like for you and your pet. Our end-of-life counseling service gives us time to answer any questions and help you make decisions that are right for you and the rest of your family to make navigating the end of your pet’s life as manageable as possible. 

How Can I Make My Pet More Comfortable in Their Last Few Days? 

Watching the end of your pet’s life can be emotional, especially once you know they may only have a few days or weeks left. Prioritizing their comfort and happiness during your pet’s final days gives them a chance to enjoy the things they love one more time and provides your family with a more gradual transition. Some helpful tips for increasing your pet’s comfort when it becomes clear that they are reaching the end of their life include: 

  • Making sure their bed stays comfortable and clean (especially if they have a hard time getting out of it)
  • Helping them get outside if they cannot walk that far on their own 
  • Keeping their favorite toys, blanket, and other items near them
  • Watching for signs of pain and providing pain medication as needed
  • Treating illnesses or other underlying health problems to the extent that you are reasonably able to 

Grief Resources

Talking with friends and family members can be an essential step in working through the grieving process, especially those that are pet parents themselves. You can also find a local pet loss support group or counseling services for additional support to help you process your emotions after this difficult decision. Going through favorite photos and creating a memorial from your pet’s favorite things can be difficult at first, but they can also help you reflect on and hold onto the good times that make owning a pet so meaningful as time passes. 

What Will Happen to My Pet’s Remains? 

You can keep your pet’s ashes to use as part of their memorial process if you would like to. From spreading them over your pet’s favorite part of your yard to setting a jar next to your favorite photo of your pet, there are several ways you can use your pet’s remains to create one last meaningful memory while working through the grieving process.


Choose Coastal Veterinary Care for Quality Care Throughout Your Pet’s Life 

At Coastal Veterinary Care, we know that the end of your pet’s life is a difficult time, and we wish animals lived longer as much as you do. We can help you get the most out of your pet’s life from the day you bring them home to their last few days with you, and we are always here to help you work through the challenges of losing your beloved companion. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us a regarded place among pet parents in the Myrtle Beach, SC area at any stage of their pets’ lives or to schedule an appointment.