Cat Wellness Exams in Myrtle Beach SC

Dog Wellness Exams in Myrtle Beach, SC

We love our pets, and we consider them a part of our family. We do our best to take excellent care of our furry friends every day despite a busy schedule.  However, we often forget about the importance of wellness exams for cats to keep our pets happy and healthy.

The staff at Coastal Veterinary Care take pride in creating a professional, yet warm and calm environment that makes it much easier for you to bring your pet in for regular, potentially life-saving vet cat check ups. 

What is a Cat Wellness Exam?

A cat wellness exam is a nose to tail checkup performed by our experienced veterinary staff. We also collect blood and fecal samples to test for these conditions:

  • Dental diseases
  • Cataracts
  • Ear infections
  • Skin problems
  • Growths or cancers
  • Parasites
  • Organ dysfunction
  • Diabetes

If your cat is due for vaccines or a booster shot, they will also receive those during their check up. All of these procedures give our veterinary staff a clear picture of your cat’s health, so we can determine the best course of action if problems arise. 

Why Should I Bring my Cat in for a Wellness Exam?

When living in the wild, animals that show pain or weakness become easy targets. As a result, many pets do not show outward signs of illness or injury until the disease process is advanced, meaning that regular and comprehensive wellness exams and lab work are extremely. In fact, one in seven adult dogs or cats have illnesses that show up on wellness exam lab work, but they showed no signs of illness at home. Sadly, the same is true for one in five pets over seven, and one in three geriatrics. 

Although the cost of a wellness exam may feel bothersome, they can actually save you thousands of dollars in the long run. For example, kidney disease is a common ailment in cats as they age. When detected early, many conservative, cost-effective treatments are available to prolong the life of your cat and prevent it from suffering. When caught too late, the only treatments available are costly, and can only do so much to preserve your cat’s life and manage the disease.

Why Should I Choose Coastal Veterinary Care?

At Coastal Veterinary Care, we provide wellness exams which include a thorough examination, time with the veterinarian, client education, and a partnering with you to help your pet live its best life

Our staff is passionate about making your animals feel comfortable and at home in our Myrtle Beach veterinary clinic. Our certified Fear Free employees have received extensive training about how to keep animals less stressed during their wellness exams and other veterinary procedures. Our cat clients will like that we offer tuna and brushings when their pet shows signs of discomfort, and we provide non-slip pads that prevent rising anxiety when they are placed on a slick surface. 

How Often Should my Cat get a Wellness Exam?

Ideally, a cat health check up should happen every 6 months. Because cats have a much shorter lifespan than the average human, avoiding the vet for six months is similar to a human avoiding the doctor for 10 years! So much can happen and change in your cat’s health status within a few months, but a wellness exam twice a year can help ensure your feline friend isn’t suffering. 

Wellness exams are important to make sure that your cat is feeling well, but they also protect you and your human family from illnesses and diseases, like hookworms, that can be transmitted through animals. Hookworms are detected by a fecal or stool exam, but when it goes undetected and transfers to humans, the consequences can be extremely serious including blindness. 

If you’d like to schedule a wellness exam for your cat or other pet, please contact us to set up an appointment today!